Monday, 15 April 2013

Beginning Blogging

What is a blog?

Technically a blog is a web-log but really it is whatever you want to make it.
Whatever you want it to be
  • an online journal
  • a website
  • an exploration of a hobby/interest
  • research results - e.g. family history
  • a record of events
  • book reviews / author profiles
  • the beginning of a conversation - others will read your post
What can it contain?
  • text
  • photos/images/movie
  • RSS feeds
  • blog roll (favourite blogs)
  • quizzes
  • extra pages
  • information about you - email address - as much or as little information as you want
  • even movies from YouTube (below)

Basic elements
  • We will use Blogger to create your blog. We could just as easily use Word Press. Both of these "platforms" are free. Blogger creates blogs in and is owned by Google. 
  • In Blogger the basic blog consists of a main page with gadgets/widgets in a margin.
  • Widgets/gadgets can be an index of posts, a blog roll - Blogger has many to choose from
  • An initial post usually describes the purpose of the blog
  • Posts then appear with the most recent at the top
  • You decide how often you post - you can log into your blog wherever you are
  • You can schedule posts for future dates
Post structure
  • Title - something brief, perhaps eye catching, related to the content
  • Text - this is the main content of the post, not too much, not too dense, plenty of space, font about size 12
  • Image(s) - upload these from your computer or USB or link to an existing image on the internet.
  • Tags - keywords that connect similar posts on your blog
  • an invitation/question for readers to comment
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