Thursday, 22 June 2017

Our final day of the course

It is amazing how quickly 4 weeks goes.

It is really over to the students today: to identify what they don't know, what they need help with.

Learning so often just comes down to practice: you don't really understand how to achieve something until you try it.

Today I have added a poll in the sidebar.
This is a simple gadget - you just have to think of a question and some possible answers.
You can alter the date that the poll closes.

When you add an image to your post, you can decide where it will go in the post - left, centre or right, and you can also determine its size. Sometimes you will need to make it bigger otherwise it will look lost in the post.
If you make it too large it may overlap into the side bar.

Make sure your posts have plenty of white space.
Relatively short lines will help the reader immensely.
White space also helps the post look more attractive, and that is also the benefit of adding an image.

Lots of white space at the bottom of your post is often the result of hidden "enters".
Check your post and delete the enters by placing your cursor at the bottom of the post, and then backspacing until you have reached the last word.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Our tasks today - Using Gadgets

Among other things today we will look at gadgets.

Gadgets or widgets are small tools that often live in the side bar of your blog.
You probably already have some running (like Archive) that have come with your Layout.
To get to Gadgets, choose Design, Layout, and then you will see something similar to this.

Blogger has a number of useful and reliable gadgets to choose from.
Be aware that too many gadgets can slow the speed with which your blog loads.

You can usually edit a Gadget from the front of your blog, by clicking on the tool that follows it.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Our tasks today - Settings

Today in class we will look at things like time settings, comment moderation, inserting images, inserting links, layout tools etc.

Once you are logged into your blog, you will find Settings in Design.

Work through each of the categories, saving any changes as you go.