This page will contain an expanding series of tasks for participants in U3A Campbelltown's budding bloggers.

While on the home page of the blog posts appear as they are added, on other pages like this one a web page can be developed and added to.

Tasks will appear here in the order in which they are meant to be completed. You will find help with Tasks at Usefuls

Task One
  • Decide what your blog will be about - the more focused it is the better.
    The focus will help you to decide what to write and it will also let people know what to expect.
  • What will you call it?
    Try for a blog title that has a little intrigue - it is not necessary to include your name
  • What URL stem (beginning of the web address) will you try for?
    e.g. this blog is called u3abloggers. Write down a number of short URL stems to try for your blog when it comes to setup time.
  • Flesh out an idea for your introductory post (on paper) - text, image etc.
    You could put a link in this post back to this blog http://u3abloggers.blogspot.com
Task Two

You will need an email address to create a Blogger id.
If you don't currently have an email address, set one up on Google accounts: https://accounts.google.com/SignUp?service=mail

Blogger may try to give you some "grief" with using your existing email address so you may want to create a separate Google (gmail) one.

Set up your blog on Blogger: https://www.blogger.com/about/
At this stage just choose any of the templates on offer - I have used Picture Window for this blog.
But you will be able to play around with the template later after you have set up the blog account.

Make a note of the email address and password that you have used for your Blogger account. 

Task Three

Now that you have created your blog, you can play around with the template to find one that suits you.
You will find instructions on the Usefuls page.

Email me the URL of your blog - kerrie.smith@esc.net.au for inclusion on the group blog roll.

Task Four

Write your first post. Set the focus for your blog and learn how to add an image.
See the instructions in Usefuls.

Task Five

Set up Comment Moderation.
Unfortunately not every one in the blogosphere is as nice as you or me.
Blogger does have some auto spam catching tools but it is probably wise to set up automatic moderation too.

You will find Comment Moderation under Comments in the Design screen.

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