Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The end of this journey, for now

 Well, in 10 weeks we achieved some quite difficult tasks.

Not everyone will continue blogging, but most have discovered the joy of telling stories, creating online journals, collaborating with others, and some have even decided on creating a new, special purpose blog.

For me I have been really pleased with the fact that we have often jointly collaborated on solving problems and learning new things. Well done!

The pleasure of achieving the unexpected

Adding a Picasa slide show into a blog post

Every now and again you manage to do something that seems difficult. We've been working on doing this for a few weeks now in our blogging class and I'm still only vaguely sure about how I managed it. Thanks to Pauline, one of our classmembers for finding the links to these YouTube videos.

I used the instructions in the second YouTube video to produce the slide show below.
They utilise some photos that are publicly available online in my Picasa Photo Album.
The clue is that they must be publicly shared. My album is here.
I've also put these links into Usefuls

Herer are step by step instructions
1. Open your blog
2. Decide whether you want to put the slideshow in a Gadget or a new post
If a gadget look for HTML Gadget. If a new post create new post and go to html side of page
3. open a new window and load Picasa Album (and login if you aren't logged in)
4. Choose an album to display. It needs to be shared and public.
5. In the right hand margin look for Link to this album and click on that
6. Click on embed slideshow - this will display code
7. choose size - if a side gadget probably Medium is ok, if a gadget at the bottom of the page or in the post, then you can use large or extra large.
8. Copy the code (Ctrl-A then Ctrl-C) and Paste the code into your blog (Ctrl-V) and save.
Slideshow should work - check preview