TASKS 6-10

Task 6

Check your Settings

Settings control a variety of things - the name of your blog, the time zone that is used, who can see your blog, who can comment, how many posts show on the main page.

You will find Settings in Design.
There are some setting you will not tamper with - we will go through Settings together.

Task 7

Write your second blog post. It is up to you how often you post. Some people like to write their blog on a daily basis, others two or three times a week, some just weekly.

Task 8

Add some gadgets.
Blogger has a number of these ready made. All you have to do is add them

Go to Design and then choose Layout.
The Layout will indicate quite a number of places where you can Add a Gadget.
To start with click on the link at the top of the right hand column. This will take you into the Gadget menu. 

Here are some gadgets you could consider:
  • Translate
  • Follow by email
  • Blog's stats
  • Blog list - select some blogs by searching for topics similar to yours
  • Labels
  • Search box
  • Profile
You can move the gadgets up and down the order. e.g. it might be useful to have Translate and Search box near the top.
When you have finished don't forget to Save the Arrangement.
Blogger has nearly a thousand more in More Gadgets.
There may be some there you would like.

Task 9: Blog Roll

Set up a blog roll using the gadget Blog List - go through Design, Layout, then Add a Gadget.
Put this gadget about half way down your list of gadgets.

Task 10 :  Add a Page.

Pages are very useful for content where you want to add to the text from time to time. You will have an editing tool at the bottom of the published page.
Unlike Posts, pages do not have a date at the top.
In most of the Blogger Templates, Pages appear as Tabs as they do on this blog. The tabs for Tasks and Usefuls are examples.

Go through Design > Pages > New Page
Give your page a title and then add your content. Save

Back on the Pages menu you can choose whether your pages appear as top tabs or side links, or not at all.
You can also decide the order of the pages.
Visitors are able to Comment on your pages and they are governed by the same Comment Moderation rules as your posts.
However they do not have labels.

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