Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Task Summary

I have been surreptitiously adding tasks and there are now 13.
  • Task One: Decide what your blog is about, what you will call it
  • Task Two: Get an email address and set up your blog
  • Task Three: Settle on a template
  • Task Four: Write your first post
  • Task Five: Set up Comment Moderation
  • Task Six: Check Your settings
  • Task Seven: Write your second post. Decide how often you will post.
  • Task Eight: Learn to add Gadgets, including an Email subscription so people can follow your blog
  • Task Nine: Add a Blog Roll
  • Task Ten: Add a Page
  • Task Eleven: Add a Slide Show
  • Task Twelve: Add a Counter
  • Task Thirteen: Add a Poll

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